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A Canadian non-Sikh once told a Sikh that it seemed it will no longer be possible to live in Canada without learning Punjabi. Originally hailing from Punjab Sikhs have got integrated so well with their adopted countries that everybody welcomes them with open arms. This integration has not made cultural traditions of Sikhs like festivals and matrimonial affairs to die. This definitely does not mean that modern day Sikhs are still sticklers of Bicholia system of Sikh matrimonial matchmaking. As traditional lighting during festivals has adapted to include laser lighting so also has matchmaking adopted world class technologies like internet. Our Sikh matrimonial site has been the harbinger of this change by providing world class matchmaking services by skillful use of modern technology combined with traditional Sikh values of reliability, trust and truthfulness for more than fifteen years. As we have offices spread throughout globe from Toronto to Jalandhar, a good network of relations has been created which is the key to matchmaking. Our pool of profiles has a collection of thousands of individuals with diverse qualities to provide a good match to any alliance seeker. Sikhs from across the globe have trusted us with their profiles and include a vast reservoir of qualities like religious beliefs, qualifications, age groups, professions, etc. creating a high probability of making you find your perfect life mate. Several testimonials and success stories at our site assure you of your success in finding your potential matrimonial partner.

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